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What is Web Hosting?

Your Web site host is the physical location of your Web site. It's where the data associated with your Web site resides.  Your Web hosting provider will maintain the computer, called a server, which your Web site lives on. They will also manage the technology that makes your Web site work and connects it to the Internet.  When you're choosing a Web hosting company, you'll be asked to make decisions about how much data storage and data transfer you need. Don't be too concerned - you can always increase your quantities if you find you need more.

The hosting packages we offer come with ample amounts of disk storage and monthly data transfer.

What are the Benefits of Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a necessity for any Web site - it's literally the platform that holds the content for your Web site. It allows your Web site to be seen and used.  Usually your Web host will also provide you with e-mail addresses linked to your domain name. If you're looking to sell online, your Web host can also provide you credit card processing and other E-commerce tools.  Many Web hosting packages also include FrontPage® extensions, allowing you to create your Web site in FrontPage®, and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to allow you to easily upload files from your computer.

We have numerous web hosting packages available to you and can be custom arranged to suit your business bandwidth and web space requirement.

Website hosting packages starting at R170. contact us for more information on other hosting packages or call us directly Robert Hunt directly on 083 690 2391

Features including:

  • Unlimited Traffic access to site
  • Flash Video Streaming
  • Full FTP support and access
  • 99.9 % Uptime
  • CGI Server access
  • Counter diagnostic
  • E-Mail alias if required
  • Final upload of site to server
  • Free Site transferal

















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