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WebGlobal is an established design company with over 6 years experience that specializes in full service website design and development. We are dedicated to helping businesses regardless of size, with the design or re-development of their website enabling your company to obtain a permanent world-wide presence on the Web.

view our portfolio of website projects already completed to get an idea of the scope and range of our design styles as we have developed websites for a large range of companies both locally and American based.

Our talented team of designers, using the latest in website design programs and technology, will provide you with amazing website design services at very competitive prices.  Digital, Graphic and website Design, Flash Video integration, Flash Animation, JavaScript, CGI, Database development, CSS and HTML are just some of the tools we utilize in our design projects.

Our clients benefit greatly from professional and strikingly developed websites that are easy to navigate and enable "easy to use" websites.

WebGlobal offers a wide variety of professional website design, Graphic and Desk Top Publishing services for small, medium and large sized businesses and companies. To name but a few services offered to you include Website creation, multimedia cd rom presentations, flash and animation based design, logo and brochure creation and a host of DTP design applications to suit your individual business requirements.  Our technical side also offers website hosting, domain name registration, database integration, e-commerce enables websites, printing services, custom computer system sales and networking.


Interactive Website Design
Website design including full Html 5 and CSS3 integrations as well as JQuery and Flash design and animation.  optional video integration and streaming will ensure a highly professional website that will represent your business on-line, 365 days a year.

Motion Graphics | Tv Commercial Design | Video editing and special effects

Video Streaming directly from your website
Video and the the Internet seem ideally matched. Video is the medium that most closely echoes our day-to-day visual experiences.  A video stream or progressive download from your website greatly enhances the visual appearance and over all heightens the end-users experience.  We can edit, adjust, resize and add audio to a video clip you supply and have it integrated into your website, which will surely set your business apart from the rest.  view an example here

Video Integration and audio editing services
We are specialists in the editing and integration of video clips (mpeg, avi, mov etc) and can format it correctly and stream it or progressively download the movie from within your site to the user.

Domain Name Registration

Registration of your new on-line business presence is just a call away.  We can register your domain name in any one of the several domain name extensions available.

Web Hosting Solutions
Contact us for great deals on website hosting.

Desk Top Publishing
We are specialists in Logo creation, DTP, Brochure design and a whole range of other graphic related design applications.

Page Design And Layout
Your website should reflect your business in a positive manner. Your website should also be appealing to your target audience as well as easy to navigate. There are many different variables to take into account during the initial design phase of a website. With this in mind you can rest assured that our design staff work very closely with you throughout this important process. .

E-Commerce enabled website design
If you require an e-commerce enabled website we have numerous different options available to you depending on your specific needs and requirements.  Contact us to arrange a no-obligation meeting where all aspects of your site requirements can be thoroughly discussed.  Regarding E-Commerce website design, a shopping cart is the actual storefront of your e-business. It allows you to actually sell your products online while never having to actually maintain a physical location. The shopping cart allows the visitor to make a purchase from your website instantly via credit card.

Merchant Accounts
A merchant account enables your business to accept payment over the Internet. A merchant account is a credit card processing account opened through a bank or other financial institution that is a member of a credit card network (Visa, Master Card, Discover, etc) which allows merchants to accept credit cards from customers. After collection, the funds are transferred electronically to the merchants account holders bank account.  A part of the merchant account process is the Payment Gateway. Processing gateways are an intermediary to get card information from your shopping cart to the merchant account. Often processing gateways are packaged with merchant accounts.

SSL Certificates

SSL is an acronym for secure socket layer which is the encryption process that provides privacy between computer connections. SSL is commonly used by the market leaders in Internet browsing software. Certificates are provided when a site is secured by SSL technology. An SSL certificate will assure your customers that their credit card and personal information will be protected and that they can shop safely and securely on your website.

Dynamic Print Page Function
A visitor on your website reads an article they particularly like. They would like to print the article but not have all the other items on the web page print out with the text. By using a Dynamic Print Page Function, the visitor can click on an icon on the page and print a text only version of the article, saving both paper and ink.

Visitors to your website will often times have questions that are not readily answered on the main pages of the website. A Dynamic FAQ system will allow you to develop a page of Frequently Asked Questions about your business along with the ability to update and change those FAQ's based on customer input.

Flash integrated Photo Galleries
Photo galleries provide a way for website owners to display images of their products. This type of function is often seen on websites in the arts, crafts and fashion industry. We utilize flash as part of the gallery design process to deliver highly interactive and visually appealing galleries that will impress your users

Forums are a great way to build a sense of community for your website. As forums are developed based on different topics of discussion in your website’s industry, you are providing a reason for visitors to come back to your site. The visitors can comment and discuss the various topics you discuss which may prompt them to visit other areas of your website.

Email A Friend Script
One of the most effective means of marketing both on the web and off the web it by word of mouth. When a visitor comes to your website and they like what they see, they will be able to pass the website information on to a friend. Often times a visitor to your website may think about forwarding the url to a friend but forgets to do it. By prompting the visitor to do this with a "Email A Friend" script, you increase the chances of your website being recommended to another potential customer.

The items above are just a few of many elements of design that can be applied to your Website.  Contact us or fill out on-line quote form so that we can get a better idea of what you require.





























































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